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About Us - AMBA

Our mission as a medical billing association is to provide industry and regulatory education, networking opportunities for our members, to be able to share information and ideas and to market our member's abilities and professional services as a group.

The American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) encourages and relies on member participation! We offer a totally unique concept and approach in networking, sharing of information and in building a medical billing association led by professional billers from across the nation.

Our National Medical Billing Advisory Board provides input, ideas and advice to AMBA leadership for the betterment of our association and our profession.

Our ultimate goal is to provide members with medical billing and related resources that enhance knowledge and skills to develop new ideas and technology, collectively increasing and realizing true industry growth and leadership among medical billers and consultants.

AMBA was formed and is targeted toward providing assistance for small and home based professional medical billers with similar needs, interests and goals. We celebrated our 10th Anniversary in serving small, independent Third Party Medical Billers in 2008.

In order to become a voice in this industry, to be the best that we can, to be recognized for our efforts and to create opportunity amongst us, members must work together. We want to uphold high standards within our billing community and we cannot do that without your support!

Our contact information:

American Medical Billing Association
2465 E. Main
Davis, OK 73030
Phone: (580) 369-2700
Fax: (580) 369-2703