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Welcome to AMBA's Medical Coding & Billing and Resource Center

Find the right codes quickly, stay organized and double check your work with fast, easy-to-use tools located right here. Flexible plans make sure you only pay for what you need.

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•A Powerful Code Search – A more robust and intuitive search feature
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•NCCI Edits Validator™ – keep codes clean to avoid denials
•Automatic code updates
•Personalization – customize your own searches, notes, fee schedules and more
•Build-A-Code™ – find the appropriate code even with limited information
•Click-A-Dex™ – a tool for easier index searching
•Medicare Contractor Information - including LCDs, NCDs and articles
•Medicare Documents - PUB100, FAQs, Forms, Newsletters
•Medicare PQRS Information
•And much more